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    Active Edge Physio Pty Ltd - ACN 633 184 415

    Contact person: Jacqui Agostinello
    Email address:
    Phone number: (03) 8609 1019
    Address: PO Box 388 Boronia Vic 3155

    Subscription Agreement

    Refer here for the Subscription Agreement

    We may amend, vary, modify and/or replace the Subscription Agreement from time to time, and such amendment, variation, modification and/or replacement will be effective immediately upon posting to the Website. Your continued use of the Website and/or Content is deemed to be your acceptance of any amendments to the Subscription Agreement.


    Subscription Period 90 days


    Subscription Fee:
    One payment of $797 incl GST
    Payment terms: Up front and prior to accessing materials


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    Executed for and on behalf of Active Edge Physio Pty Ltd (ACN 633 184 415) by a duly authorised representative:

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    Jacqui Agostinello

    Name of authorised representative:
    Jacqui Agostinello

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