You’re invited to take part in an online course that focusses on strengthening your understanding of respiratory insufficiency in spinal cord injury whilst sparking passion, clarity and confidence.

Respiratory insufficiency often goes undetected

Research tells us that respiratory insufficiency and spinal cord injury commonly go hand in hand, however it often goes undetected to the untrained eye. Respiratory compromise that is inadequately assessed and managed can pose significant risk of complications.

As a physiotherapist I understand you might be facing


Challenges with building confidence and skills in the respiratory management of spinal cord injury. There’s lots to unpack, and strong stable mentorship is difficult to find.


Confusion and overwhelm when faced with challenging spinal cord injured patients, who are medically unstable or chronically struggling with respiratory compromise


Difficulty finding clinically translatable resources backed by the latest literature.

We all have dedicated our lives to caring for others. We are busy, pulled in many directions and despite this always reflecting and striving to be better, so that we can positively impact people’s lives.  As a neuro respiratory physiotherapist who has worked in this space for 18 years, there are some overarching principles backed by the latest research and I am here to simplify it for you.

The Respiratory Management in Spinal Cord Injury course will give you

Simplified learning pathway, Clinical reasoning, Case study, Detailed resources

Some of the work settings applicable to this course

Intensive care unit
Whether you work in a major trauma centre or not, you are likely to encounter critically ill SCI patients

Acute hospital
Patients with SCI are often admitted under a myriad of different units – neurosurgery, orthopaedics, trauma, respiratory, general medicine and oncology

Inpatient rehabilitation
SCI patients often require a prolonged period of inpatient rehabilitation, where strategies, empowerment and education should occur to prevent future complications.

Community settings
Now more than ever it’s critical our community therapists feel equipped to assess, escalate and play a key role in preventing hospital admissions.

Course content


Foundations For Success

How to use this course to maximise learning and growth


Neurological Assessment

Standardise, complete and interpret a neurological assessment.  Recognise common clinical syndromes and understand respiratory innervation and function


Respiratory Complications

Discover the 8 most common respiratory complications both acutely and subacutely, including atelectasis and pneumonia


Assessing and Identifying Risk

Learn the important components to a subjective and objective assessment and how to predict respiratory risk through a case study


Optimising Treatment Efficacy

Review the 3 over-arching treatment themes supported by the SCI Clinical Practice Guidelines – improving lung volume, improving secretion clearance and inspiratory muscle training


Bringing It All Together

Reflect on your past experiences, challenges and learning moments as well as future goals with the help of our case study

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ASIA interpretation flow chart

An easy step by step guide to help determine your spinal cord injured patient’s ASIA grade, making the assessment process more accurate, simpler and saving time (valued at $397)

Treatment decision tree for non ventilated patients

Improve your decision-making around your choice of intervention in non ventilated patients (valued at $597)

Treatment decision tree for ventilated patients

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