Risks and responsibilities for physiotherapists managing patients with neuro respiratory disorders


Learn how to assess, understand and effectively manage neuro-respiratory disorders to positively impact and empower people living with neurological disabilities.  A resource carefully created for physiotherapists who work in acute hospital, inpatient rehabilitation or community settings.

What Comes with Your Free Resource

Plus find out what can go wrong and the catastrophic negative outcomes that can occur from mismanagement.  Then take a deep dive into what best practice is and how we as clinicians can facilitate positive clinical outcomes.

After reading this resource you will have…


Identified the negative outcomes that can occur with lack of experience, knowledge and skills in the area of neuro respiratory management


Gained inspiration from the positive outcomes that can occur with the implementation of best practice, evidence-based principles


Know the next best steps to achieve your goals!

Develop your personal learning plan

Knowing where to start in such a complex area can be overwhelming, so here we have broken it down for you into 4 key steps. Try to work through these in order to build a strong and sound understanding.

I’d love to introduce you to my online course where we take a deep dive into each of these steps in the spinal cord injured population. For more information on how to increase your confidence in this area, join the waitlist below.

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