Improving your team’s knowledge and skills around the respiratory management of spinal cord injury

A FREE clinical resource for senior physiotherapists

This short video is designed to help busy clinical supervisors upskill and improve capability of their teams in the respiratory management of SCI. 

An online self paced program that focusses on strengthening your understanding of respiratory insufficiency in spinal cord injury whilst sparking passion, clarity and confidence.

The Respiratory Management in Spinal Cord Injury course will give you:

  • A clear, graduated and simple path of learning that will help solidify your understanding of respiratory insufficiency and its importance
  • Strengthened knowledge and clinical reasoning around the effective assessment and treatment of respiratory insufficiency across the continuum of care (acute, rehabilitation and community settings)
  • A deep dive into a multiple case studies, including insightful recorded videos with a spinal cord injured consumer who has had challenges with respiratory function and many interactions with physiotherapists throughout his life
  • Written, printable resources to support your clinical practice including decision making flow charts and cheat sheets


Course content


Foundations For Success

How to use this course to maximise learning and growth


Neurological Assessment

Learn about the common clinical syndromes in SCI, how to standardise your neurological assessment, accurately complete both sensory and motor components of an ASIA assessment and interpret your findings. Then take a deep dive into respiratory innervation and function.


Respiratory Complications

Explore the range of common respiratory complications encountered by SCI patients both acutely and subacutely including atelectasis, pneumonia, pleural effusions, haemopneumothoraces, pulmonary emboli, pulmonary contusions, APO and ARDS.


Assessing and Identifying Risk

Meet our case study and learn the important components to a comprehensive subjective and objective assessment.  Take a deep dive into the Australian literature around predicting respiratory risk in SCI.


Optimising Treatment Efficacy

Gain an understanding of the recently published Australian and New Zealand SCI Clinical Practice Guidelines with a particular focus on 3 over-arching principles – improving lung volume, improving secretion clearance and inspiratory muscle training.  Gain understanding around how to consistently identify the most effective intervention to implement based on the context of the patient’s presentation.


Bringing It All Together

Listen to our case study reflect on his positive and negative experiences of physiotherapy as well as his advice for all physiotherapists helping people living with SCI.  Look back on your past experiences, challenges and learning moments as well as future goals. 

Hi, I’m Jac Agostinello

I teach physiotherapists and health professionals how to assess, understand and effectively manage neuro-respiratory disorders to positively impact and empower people living with neurological disabilities.

I’m a currently practicing neurotrauma physiotherapist, private practice director and senior clinician at the Victorian Spinal Cord Service at Austin Health (Melbourne, Australia).

During my career, I’ve treated patients throughout the continuum of care, from ICU and the acute wards to inpatient rehabilitation and the community.  I can honestly say I’m as passionate about physiotherapy today as I was when I first graduated in 2006.  Alongside running my own practice, I have and will always stay hands on helping patients with complex neuro-respiratory conditions to regain their health and independence.

In this course, you’ll have direct access to the knowledge and skills that I’ve mastered through decades of extensive practical experience in the public and private sectors, together with my unique combination of specialist qualifications gained with a Masters by Research degree in 2018 entitled ‘Reducing Acute Respiratory Complications in Thoracolumbar Spinal Cord Injury’. Read more about my publications here.

The Investment

Right now you have a safe oppoprtunity for nurturing and enrichment, empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to provide the highest quality care to your patients with neuro respiratory disorders for…

AU$797 including GST
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