5 Simple Ways to Elevate Your Effectiveness for Patients with Neuro Muscular Disorders

Increase your knowledge, reduce risks and improve clinical outcomes


Learn how to positively impact people living with neuro-respiratory disorders and spinal cord injury, empowering them to thrive.  A masterclasscarefully created for physiotherapists who work in acute hospital, inpatient rehabilitation or community settings.


What You Will Learn

Plus find out what can go wrong and the catastrophic negative outcomes that can occur from mismanagement.  Then, take a deep dive into how to achieve best practice and how we as clinicians can facilitate positive clinical outcomes.

After attending this free on-demand online masterclass you will have…


Identified the negative outcomes that can occur with lack of experience, knowledge and skills in the area of neuro respiratory management


Gained inspiration from the positive outcomes that can occur with the implementation of best practice, evidence-based principles


Know the next best steps to achieve your goals!

Hi, I’m Jac Agostinello

I teach physiotherapists and health professionals how to assess, understand and effectively manage neuro-respiratory disorders to positively impact and empower people living with neurological disabilities.

I’m a currently practicing neurotrauma physiotherapist, private practice director and senior clinician at the Victorian Spinal Cord Service at Austin Health (Melbourne, Australia).

During my career, I’ve treated patients throughout the continuum of care, from ICU and the acute wards to inpatient rehabilitation and the community.  I can honestly say I’m as passionate about physiotherapy today as I was when I first graduated in 2006.  Alongside running my own practice, I have and will always stay hands on helping patients with complex neuro-respiratory conditions to regain their health and independence.

 I am currently the Principal Investigator in Victoria for Professor Lisa Harvey’s research trial that is underway and entitled ‘Early and Intensive Motor Training (Versus Usual Care) to Enhance Neurological Recovery and Function in People with Spinal Cord Injury’.  You can read more about this trial here.

In this course, you’ll have direct access to the knowledge and skills that I’ve mastered through decades of extensive practical experience in the public and private sectors, together with my unique combination of specialist qualifications gained with a Masters by Research degree in 2018 entitled ‘Reducing Acute Respiratory Complications in Thoracolumbar Spinal Cord Injury’.


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